Wednesday, April 26, 2006

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Angelina Delivers Due Date

By Sarah Hall 1 hour, 1 minute ago
The paparazzi detail on the Brangelina Baby Watch beat just got some bad news

Contradicting reports that she's due to pop any day now,
Angelina Jolie has delivered word that she's not quite eight months pregnant.
That means anxious shutterbugs can expect another full month of dodging Namibian officials, not to mention Jolie and Brad Pitt's aggressive security goons, if they want any chance of capturing the money shot of the most important and beautiful baby ever to be born, ever.
It's enough to make a paparazzo cry.
Jolie announced her devastating due date in an interview with NBC, scheduled to air Thursday on Today and Sunday on Dateline, during which she confirmed that she knows the baby's sex, but isn't telling.
The actor also spoke about her relationship with Pitt for the first time, calling it "one of those funny things that just happens," but stating that it isn't really something she discusses, even with her beau.
"I don't talk about our--my relationship in public," Jolie said, according to excerpts released to USA Today. "But we also don't talk about it at home."
The subject, she said, makes her "giggle."
It's "just kind of funny," she said. "If [Brad] saw this, he would probably understand why I was laughing. Because I just don't know how to address that kind of thing."
Jolie, the mother of one-year-old Zahara, whom she adopted from Ethiopia, and four-year-old Maddox, whom she adopted from Cambodia, said she agreed to the interview in order to raise awareness for her latest cause: worldwide educational opportunities for children.
"I just think, especially my daughter, there's no possible way she would have gone to school," Jolie said. "She is so smart and so strong, and her potential as a woman one day is great.
"Hopefully, she will be active in her country and in her continent when she's older. And because she'll have a good education, she'll be able to do that much more."
The Mr. and Mrs. Smith star called her own life "very full."
"I'm very proud when I see my children--already Mad, just how he adjusts to different places in the world and different people and his views and the kind of man he's going to be," she said. "I'm very lucky." More....

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